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OPEN  Bug report #586  -  the app will reset to max window size after closed all documents
Posted Feb 14, 2014 - updated Feb 18, 2014
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Issue description
When close all opened document, the app (Synfig Studio) main window will be reset to the default size and position defined internally by Synfig Studio.

Tested version (osx, dmg file was downloaded from
Development version:
Revision: 20131230
Branch: morevna
Revision ID: 25a069

Built on Dec 30 2013
Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. fireup synfig studio
  2. resize the main window manually, and reposition it, drop it down for example
  3. close the "Synfig Animation 1" document window by clicking the close button of it

Then the main window will be reset to default size and default position.

Comment posted by
Feb 14, 14:58
can't reproduce on debian wheezy / xfce , (Revision: 20140213 Branch: master Revision ID: c1d8a3), maybe osx / XQuartz specific ?
Comment posted by
 Yu Chen
icon_reply.pngFeb 18, 12:57, in reply to comment #2

djay wrote:
can't reproduce on debian wheezy / xfce , (Revision: 20140213 Branch:
master Revision ID: c1d8a3), maybe osx / XQuartz specific ?

Yes, it works fine at Linux platform.
Comment posted by
Jun 06, 18:04
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