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CLOSED  Bug report #539  -  Unchecking 'Translate' subparameter for Bone Linked value crash
Posted Dec 18, 2013 - updated Jan 05, 2019
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "WON'T FIX".
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    Bug report
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     Carlos López
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    Must fix before next release
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    icon_milestones.png 1.0
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    icon_customdatatype.png bone linked crash
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Issue description
Branch bones2 ; git SHA ID: ac4b0a61baca2f26b3f9b22edc94442805d0ccb7

When a Value is linked to bone it is converted to bone_link type. Then the convert type offers the following parameters:

  • Bone (bone)
  • Base Value (same type as Value)
  • Translate (bool)
  • Rotate (bool)
  • Skew (bool)
  • Scale X (bool)
  • Scale Y (bool)

If you reach one of the bool values and want to check it off, then it crashes.
Steps to reproduce this issue
  • Open the attached file.
  • Expand the Vertices list of the Region layer.
  • Click on the Translate checkbox to check it off.
  • Crash (same happen with the other checks).

Comment posted by
 Carlos López
Dec 18, 11:37
A file was uploaded. Sample fileicon_open_new.png This comment was attached:

Sample file to illustrate the issue.
Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
Dec 30, 17:42
Translate checkbox is removed now. ^__^

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