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CLOSED  Bug report #520  -  Convert Translate Layer Origin -> Composite always shows Synfig Units
Posted Dec 10, 2013 - updated Dec 10, 2013
icon_info.png This issue is a duplicate of issue #519 - "Convert Translate Layer Origin -> Composite always shows Synfig Units"
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Not a bug" and resolution "DUPLICATE".
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Issue description
When I Convert the origin of a Translate layer into a Composite in the Parameters panel, it always shows the composite in Synfig units instead of the default units.

In addition, the u suffix is not shown to warn the user they are dealing with Synfig Units and not pixels.

It's usually much more conveinient to work in pixels, so this can make animating Translate layers harder.
Steps to reproduce this issue
i) Add a translate Layer in Synfig Studio ii) With the translate layer selected, right click on the Origin in the Paramters panel and choose Convert > Composite iii) The numbers shown are in Synfig Units