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OPEN  Enhancement #508  -  Sif, Sifz and Sfg thumbnailer for different OS(DE) would be nice to have
Posted Nov 26, 2013 - updated Nov 28, 2014
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Issue description
It would great to have a file thumbnailer for MS Windows, OSX and Linux (KDE, Xfce and Gnome etc...).

For Gnome Desktop, There is a great post introducing how to write a gnome thumbnailer. Are there any resources available for other platforms?

Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
Nov 26, 13:28
I'm afraid thumbnailing some complex files might hang the OS... ^__^"
Comment posted by
Nov 28, 12:28
I've been reading with interest about the Synfig zip container .sfg and it think it offers some great opportunities

I had a brief read of the code on github and maybe I missed this feature but if it doesn't already exist it would be a good idea for the .sfg files to include: Thumbnails/thumbnail.png containing a preview thumbnail of no more than 256x256 pixels

this is similar to what Open Raster and Open Document and others do, and makes the task of previews and thumbnails a lot simpler for other programs.