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OPEN  Bug report #49  -  Editing exported canvas in it own windows fails
Posted Dec 14, 2012 - updated Apr 20, 2014
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Issue description

Follow this recipe:

  1. Create a circle.
  2. Encapsulate it.
  3. Exporte the canvas parameter.
  4. Go to the canvas panel and double click on the exported canvas
  5. Create 3 keyframes 0f, 1s, 2s at the exported canvas window. They are only visible in the exported canvas. Give names to the keyframes.
  6. Add waypoitns on the keyframes by edition the circle. Mainly the position, to make it more visible.
  7. Abandon the animation mode.
  8. Set the time cursor for the main window to be 2s. Go to the exported canvas and set the time cursor to be at 0f.
  9. Now in non animation mode create a bline in the exported canvas window.
  10. Using the normal tool modify the bline. Move the vertices and the tangents around.

You will see that in the top left corner the keyframe name changes quickly between the keyframe name at 0f (where the time cursor is at the exportd canvas) and the keyframe name at 2s (where the time cursor is at main window). If the render time is long enough it can produce the effects you can see in this video.
Steps to reproduce this issue
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Comment posted by
Apr 20, 15:19
Can't reproduce

Adding keyframes (step5) not possible due to the fact the exported canvas has 0s duration. (maybe related to issue#518 )

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