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CLOSED  Bug report #474  -  Loop Spline adds bline gradient
Posted Aug 19, 2013 - updated Aug 20, 2013
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Issue description
Looping spline adds a bline gradient.

I'm running Synfig 0.64.0 on an iMac with OSX 10.6.8.

Steps to reproduce this issue
Select spline tool Create spline with three or more vertices Place last vertex over first vertex Right click and select "Loop Spline" Click on any other tool other than the spline tool

The three layers created are: New BLine Outline New BLine Region New BLine Gradient

I'm pretty sure the gradient shouldn't be there

Comment posted by
 Carlos López
Aug 20, 06:24
The layers that are created with the Spline Tool are selected in the Tool Options Panel. It can be selected from:
  • Outline
  • Advanced Outline
  • Region
  • Plant
  • Curved Gradient

Please check that you have checked the type of layer you want to create before complete the Spline Tool process.

This is not a bug.