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OPEN  Bug report #464  -  Play on canvas fails for Cairo render method in MS Windows
Posted Jul 26, 2013 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
With the latest binary (build 20130724) I can always reproduce a hang like this:
  1. Open Synfig Studio. Cairo render enabled and disable single thread.
  2. Be sure that Navigator panel is visible
  3. Press play in Canvas window -> Hang.

If Navigator is not present, it plays fine.

Error not reproducible if: Software render in canvas (regardless Navigator visibility or render type)


Cairo render in canvas but Navigator not visible


Single thread is enabled

Error happens only if:

Cairo render in canvas and Navigator is visible (regardless its render method) and Single thread disabled.

It happens with the previous binary too 20130620 (I think, because I'm not sure if I un-installed the last one correctly...)
Steps to reproduce this issue
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