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CLOSED  Bug report #432  -  Outline Layer Rounded End/Begin Linked in Cairo
Posted May 04, 2013 - updated May 04, 2013
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "WON'T FIX".
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Issue description
Cannot change individualy the Rounded End and Begin parameters of Outline Layer, they seems to be "linked" When Cairo is OFF work as expected.
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Comment posted by
 Carlos López
May 04, 08:27
When using native Cairo stroke functions there is not option to choose between different tips for each end. Just rendering the outline as a polygon (as Synfig does) makes Cairo render the tips properly (it is achieved by setting the quality to less than 6 in Cairo mode)

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Comment posted by
May 04, 08:41
Yep, not a bug.

But that's not trully user friendly ... maybe cairo render will need a wiki page to explain this "features" (have initiate this work by adding notes on at both Rounded paragraph)