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OPEN  Bug report #346  -  Ctrl+V pastes a (copied) layer even if the textbox selected
Posted Mar 01, 2013 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
When you copy (ctrl-c) a layer (from layer) panel, and then copy (ctrl-c) a string (from color dialog box), even if the focus is in a textbox, the layer is still pasted.
Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Create a layer (was circle),
  2. Copy (ctrl-c) the layer from layer panel,
  3. Open color dialog box (from toolbox)
  4. Copy (ctrl-c) html code from nice color (i think this work also with ugly colors!)
  5. Close color dialog box (from toolbox)
  6. Open circle layer color dialog box
  7. Focus on html code circle layer color dialog box
  8. Paste (ctr-v)

The circle is cloned , but the html string is in the clipboard (ctrl-v in another application textbox give html code)

Comment posted by
Mar 01, 06:46
I think that i'ts not fixed in the synfig 0.63.05 dev snapshot. (Built on Feb 17 2013 / Revision: 20130217 Branch: master Revision ID: 7263d8.)