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OPEN  Bug report #336  -  Action in exported canvas doens't affect pasted canvas layer list
Posted Jan 30, 2013 - updated Apr 20, 2014
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Issue description
action in xported canvas doens't affect pasted canvas layer list.
Steps to reproduce this issue
  • Create a group layer
  • Export it
  • Add it (add layer/pasted/select exported name in canvas properti)
  • Add it more (copy/paste pasted canvas)
  • Add a new layer (distortion) by context menu on exported canvas,
  • Canvas is updated
  • But distorsion layer doenst appear in orginal canvas layer list .
  • You need to restart synfig and reopenn the file, to see the new (distortion) layer

(idem if you suppress...)

Another reproduction steps:

  • Create something (one shape, multiples shapes ...)
  • Group them
  • Export the Group
  • Open the exported canevas
  • Add some artwork (circle layer) inside the exported canevas
  • Exported Canvas is updated (layer list / artwork visible)
  • Switch to the root canvas, the new artwork (circle) is visible, but not listed in root layer list

  • You need to save - close and reopen the file, to see the new (circle) layer