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OPEN  Feature request #3120  -  What is The Baby In Yellow?
Posted Dec 02, 2022 - updated Dec 02, 2022
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Issue description
URL= Baby In Yellow/URL is a famous game on the list of the best mobile games today. In the game, you will play as a caregiver for a small child while the child's parents are away for a few days. When a young player is not a typical kid, it makes no difference. This kid will turn your game into a babysitting game with scary experiences. You will experience heart-stopping moments at that spooky house because it possesses demonic powers. The gameplay is very simple, you just need to do the duties of a normal babysitter, and follow the instructions available to take care of the child that the game requires. However, there will be times when you see strange phenomena happening in this house and it can make your heart skip a beat, fear. That's why URL= Baby In Yellow 2/URL is a game not for the faint of heart. Let's try it now for a very interesting experience.

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Dec 05, 06:08
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