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OPEN  Feature request #278  -  Import/export .svg frames sequence, and/or .svg animations
Posted Dec 27, 2012 - updated Oct 22, 2016
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Issue description
Synfig could export to svg animations with SVG+SMIL, which would make possible to view an animation directly in the browser without any previous rendering.

SMIL is the W3C recommended XML markup language to describe multimedia presentations. It defines markup for timing, layout, animations, visual transitions, and media embedding, among other things. SMIL allows presenting media items such as text, images, video, audio, links to other SMIL presentations, and files from multiple web servers which is getting supported in mayor browsers. Actually it's necessary to support SMIL in order to pass Acid3 web standards test.


Eldruin 12:07, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

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Oct 22, 18:31
I'd like to bring this up a little since this would be really a killer feature IMO. SVG+SMIL is like the perfect replacement for GIF images on the web if you could create them without any code: you design in Inkscape, animate in Synfig, and you get a light vector animation which fits for any viewing device. Bonus: you can even further script it, style it later or make it interactive later on if you work with coders.

The spec anyway: