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OPEN  Feature request #1921  -  Complete Dissertation
Posted Apr 11, 2022 - updated Apr 11, 2022
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Complete Dissertation  ⇑ top

The process of writing a dissertation is one of the most demanding tasks you will ever do. Actually, dissertation papers are the most dreaded projects even among Ph D students. However, before you freak out and cry, it would be much better if you know how to write a complete dissertation. When we say complete, it means the necessary parts, pages and chapters are available in a research project. Now, you can relax and let us discuss the different parts of a dissertation.

A complete dissertation has the cover page. This is the very first part of the research paper. It contains the title, the author’s name, class details and the date of submission. Table of contents. Write a list of parts of your dissertation paper. This table will become an index to all of the parts in your project. Abstract. The abstract is a chapter that summarizes all the important details in the thesis paper. It may only contain 300 to 500 words in total. Introduction. This segment of the dissertation contains the problem and thesis statement. It is the main presenter of the topic. The subject’s background must also be in the introductory chapter. Literature review. The chapter that reviews other research papers is the review of literature. The review must analyze other materials that relate to the same topic of the writer. Methodology. A dissertation is not complete without the methods part. In fact, this is one of the most important chapters of any research papers. This discusses how the research procedure gathered and analyzed the data. It must also provide the formulas used for the analysis. Data analysis and discussions. This part provides the data and the results of analysis in the research. The writer must also provide discussions that will let the data support the thesis statement. Conclusion. The final chapter in the dissertation paper is the conclusion. It has three major purposes; to summarize the research, solve the problem and provide additional ways to look for answers. Images and illustrations. if the research topics calls for the use of, then an additional page should be available to the readers. That is why some papers have separate pages where data, table, graphs and pictures provide additional thesis support. Bibliography page. This a part of the complete dissertation that lists down the reference materials used. It should be a list of books, periodicals or internet sites that supported the research. APA and MLA formats are available for writing the works cited page.

A complete dissertation paper has all these parts. You can only expect a good grade from your research paper if you have written all the required segments of the project. For more reference guides, look for our dissertation examples in the archives.

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Apr 17, 12:33
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