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OPEN  Feature request #187  -  swf import/export
Posted Dec 23, 2012 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description

.swf import/export, in both binary and xml-based formats

Comment posted by
 Imported User
Dec 23, 04:57

2008-01-18 > This would be very much appreciated!!!
Comment posted by
 Imported User
Dec 23, 04:57

2008-12-19 > We need an engine for that.
Comment posted by
 Stephen P.
icon_reply.pngMar 05, 22:26, in reply to comment #2
Primitive (i.e. non-scalable pixmapped) SWF files could be produced very simply using the ffmpeg that already ships with 0.64.x and onwards. This can be done currently, but only by exporting to PNG and converting using ffmpeg command-line manually, which is a major PITA. Can we please have the code added to do this in a similar way to mpeg and other ffmpeg supported formats? I appreciate that a better way would be to use a vector based rendering engine, but ITMW could we have the ffmpeg base solution? Thanks Stephen Parry