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CLOSED  Feature request #172  -  Make everything dockable?
Posted Dec 22, 2012 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description

I like how I can drag the dialogs over each other and dock them, but can this be extended to include the main 'synfig studio' window and document windows too?

I guess I'm finding it painful having lots of separate overlapping windows, and would like to be able to chose to dock everything together to make window management less of a headache.

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Dec 22, 22:18

might want to take a look at libgdl a library created and used by Anjuta for docking windows
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Dec 22, 22:18
Konstantin Dmitriev:

2008-02-28 >

It could be nice improvement.

Main window could contain toolbox. Canvas windows could float inside of main window or "maximized" to take all area inside it. Evrything else (panels) could be docked to edges.
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Dec 22, 22:19

2010-01-06 > I agree it would be nice to put all docks into the main window.
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Dec 27, 12:02
thank's to Ivan!