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CLOSED  Bug report #135  -  Indexed png image w/16-256 colors + alpha does not render correctly
Posted Dec 21, 2012 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description

I have tried to import PNG images with indexed palette, from 16 to 256 colors, with transparencies. The images appear faded, and only after increasing the Alpha value from 1 up to 4 to 10 does the opaque part of the image begin to appear opaque. (Alpha should be 0.0 to 1.0.) Even then, odd parts of the images seem to drop out or become distorted after saving and restoring the animation. "Genete," site administrator on the Sysfig Project Forum, has verified that this is a bug. The only current workaround is to use 24-bit true color PNG images. WIndows 7, Synfig 0.63.05

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Dec 21, 14:34
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Jul 09, 14:35
duplicate Bug report 110 - Alpha bug with indexed images

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