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OPEN  Bug report #1347  -  White Teeth Trophy
Posted Oct 06, 2021 - updated Oct 06, 2021
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Issue description
Dentin, which is entirely hereditary, decides the color of each person's teeth. The dentine is a dental tissue that lies under the glaze and is the shallowest and resistant layer of the tooth crown. It has a yellower color than enamel in particular. Intrinsic stains can change the color of a person's teeth. These spots appear during the tooth development time, when you are young, and are typically caused by a lack of tooth development or a product's preference for tooth structure. Fluorosis is by far the most prevalent stain, and is caused by an improper intake of fluoride during tooth development. Fluoride is commonly found in drinking water supplies or sparkling water, based on the local region. Tetracycline’s medicines that have a propensity for calcium-containing tissue, such as bones and teeth, are another source, though it is less frequent.

Even Whiter Teeth

To preserve the right hue of your teeth, you must follow a variety of nutritional and oral hygiene practices. One of the best practices is: Crest Whitening Strips, which is adopted by the Scientific Affairs Council by ADA based on the finding that it is healthy and efficient for whitening natural teeth when used according to the directions of the manufacturer.
Balance Diet: Both foods or liquids with an extremely dark color will stain the teeth, and this is particularly true if the teeth have been reconstructed or have fillings. Tobacco usage is another significant consideration since it helps to color the palatal and lingual surfaces of the teeth.

Oral Care: Chlorhexidine 0.12 percent or 0.2 percent is one of the oral care ingredients that will improve the colour of our teeth. As a potent antiseptic, this component is commonly used in mouthwashes, gels, and toothpastes. This antiseptic causes marks on the teeth when used for a long period, more than 2 weeks. The "whitening" pastes may not whiten the tooth and the dentin should be worked upon for the teeth to whiten. The whitening pastes are incapable of penetrating the enamel and reaching the dentin. Cleaning and maintenance at the dentist's office do not whiten teeth; they instead cure streaks and tartar.

Enhancing Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, as you can see, is simpler than ever and does not involve a complex method. Your best bet is to proceed so that you can smile more brightly as soon as you can. There have been concerns about tooth whitening hygiene for many people who wish to whiten their teeth. Many items for teeth whitening are available which are healthy and reliable. However, in order to optimize the protection of tooth whitening, determine the whitening degree and then select the correct product. The best way to whiten your teeth is by adding peroxides that infiltrate the enamel, enter the dentin and whiten the teeth. This can also be useful for smudging tetracycline, based on the gray level you have. In the event of fluorosis or extreme gray tetracycline, only dental veneers covering the pigment, whether ceramic or composed, will make the color transition.

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