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OPEN  Bug report #1323  -  ERP Mobiliary vile Imo and Mitul: Successful partnership in the real estate segment
Posted Sep 21, 2021 - updated Sep 21, 2021
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Issue description
vile Imo recently closed another major partnership in the real estate segment. Now vile Imo clients can integrate their properties with Mitul, which is a highly popular search engine and is present in 37 countries. vile Imo, aiming to improve the visibility of its clients' properties, contacted Mitul seeking a partnership. Ms. Rosana Cavalcante, Partnerships & Content Account Manager at Mitul, brokered the feasibility of this partnership, serving with great kindness and efficiency. This partnership will considerably increase the visibility of vile Imo customers, boosting sales and leases. This is another advantage of ERP Mobiliary.

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vile Imo has a module aimed at Integration with Portals: fast, easy and without additional cost. This tool allows the user to integrate their properties with Mitul, expanding the dissemination on the internet to the extreme. Integration is done by the Ville mob client through the Admin Panel. When doing the procedure described in a step-by-step step, an XML file is generated, where all the properties that this client enables to be displayed in Mitul will appear. Ready!! After generating this file, just start enabling the properties for integration and get ready to receive the contacts!! Ville mob ERP is a system developed by volvox Communic Asia e Marketing, a technology company that offers corporate solutions in the Saa S category. With this concept of Cloud Computing, volvox offers advanced services, 100% online, with high technology and quality at an affordable cost. vile Imo works as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), aimed at the real estate segment, integrating all real estate data and processes in a single location. The system has 5 essential tools for a real estate company, they are: Real Estate Site+ Management Software + Mobile Version + Real Estate CRM + Portal Integration. These tools will help improve the management of Real Estate processes and will provide better control over the activities of other users, in addition to boosting sales and leases.

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Take advantage of all this range of advantages and resources and expand your sales and leases with ERP vile Imo and Mitul. techinbites

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