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OPEN  Feature request #1320  -  10 Tips by PaperHelp for the Start of School
Posted Sep 17, 2021 - updated Sep 17, 2021
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Issue description
After a few days of rest and rest days, it is necessary to return to reality: a new academic year begins for many Colombians of all ages; children and adults resume their basic or professional training in different educational institutions throughout the country. Reasons enough to prepare yourself before the new challenges that starting another school year represents. So remember:

1. Resume sleeping habits.

Vacations and vacations are the times that disorganize more the habits of life and rest. Still, before starting the strenuous days of study, it is key to rest very well, so it is time to prepare our resting space away from possible noises and other elements that may disturb sleep as cell phones in the room.

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2. Start to familiarize yourself again with academic activities.

Approaching books, documentaries, and educational videos can be an excellent strategy to reactivate human thinking skills such as memorization, reading and analysis of information, synthesis, reflection, and other skills involved in the teaching-learning process. TO KNOW THE WORLD is a feat of humanity, and we must assume each school year as an ADVENTURE.

3. Establish a list of things needed to start classes.

Educational institutions, students, and their families require a series of elements and tools for teaching-learning tasks. In this sense, apart from the usual "supply lists," it is essential to collectively build and acquire a list of materials that can facilitate the resolution of tasks at home and in the educational institution.

4. Update your budget to foresee expenses.

Going back to school implies expenses. Therefore, it is inevitable to reorganize the individual and family budget, so it is necessary to establish priority purchases for the school year and redistribute costs, such as food and study materials. Just as States must foresee the total costs for a country, families can organize an actual budget adjusted to what is necessary to save them headaches and anguish.

5. Build good food minutes to resume the study days.

Food and healthy nutrition are the foundation for good school performance, so another essential task for the start of school will be to resume eating habits such as schedules and diets that ensure the number of meals and nutrients necessary for the proper development of the student according to their age. It is possible to rely on medical consultations to know the health status of children and young people and the medical requirements to improve their physical condition. Paper Help is recommended to remember the importance of hydration and fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet.

6. Establish a visible study and rest schedule.

Studying implies discipline and conditioning for learning, so building a schedule and respecting it is fundamental for school readiness; placing a visible program of study and rest times and places within the school or home is another necessary task. Do not lose sight of the fact that rest, including other sports and leisure activities in the family, allow distensions of the study days.
7. Consult the academic calendars of the institutions where you or your children study.

Resuming academic activities implies assuming the commitment to know what will be done in schools and universities to plan and take your responsibilities according to the relevant academic dates. The days and schedules of midterms, exams, work deliveries, exhibitions, school shows, and the end of the semester or trimester are information that we must know to plan or follow up on the relevant academic dates. We must understand to be able to do or accompany the educational work.

8. Check the study programs and the list of teachers who will be in charge of your or your children's education.

 Education is an act of love for all involved. That is why it is essential to be concerned about knowing the teacher, knowing his name and profession, for example, which also allows knowing his professional and personal suitability to assume his teaching work, beyond what today is thought about "learning to learn," a teacher who inspires his students is still vital to fall in love with the study and professions.

 9. Establish a starting ritual for the first day of class.

Humans are furious animals of the rituals of passage that, as established by anthropology or sociology, are those activities or symbols that mark special moments in our lives; we need those individual or collective rituals that mark the passage from one vital moment to another: in this case, the path from rest time to study.

10. Be willing to enjoy your school year to the fullest.

Always keep in mind that academic achievements are fundamental, but learning at school, be it college or university, goes beyond the strictly academic. Again, psychology, anthropology, and sociology tell us that socialization processes -the daily coexistence in human groups- teach us how to be with others.

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