Need help? Have questions? You've come to the right place! We have wide range of suport services to make your experience with Synfig Sudio better and our community of volunteers are ready to help you find a solution.


Where to begin



Synfig Studio comes with online User Manual and extensive set of Tutorials. If you are looking for documentation of how a certain feature works have a look there first.



We have collected a list of questions that are frequently asked along with their answers on the special page. Please take your time to check out.




Getting help on IRC is the easiest and quickest way of getting support in real time. Feel free to drop by #synfig on the IRC network. Connect now using web browser.

If you have Jabber, you can try Jabber/XMPP gateway.


IRC logs

If you are are not able to stay permanently connected, you may be interested to watch the IRC logs.



There are forums for those, who can't stay online or want to handle large discussions. Before posting your query in the forums you must be a registered user of the forums. Please search the forum for similar posts as many of the frequently asked questions have been previously asked.


Mailing list

Mailing lists are a way for large groups of people to keep in touch. You can subscribe yourself to the users mailing list. Please do consider going through the archives of the mailing list as your question might have been answered before.

Hint: If you are new to communicating people on the Internet, you might want to take a look at this article on asking smart questions.

Your feedback


Report a bug

If you have found a bug in Synfig Studio, let us know by submiting an entry in the bug tracker. Please don't forget to browse existing issues to avoid duplicated entries.


Request a feature

If you have a great idea on improving Synfig Studio, you can submit an entry to the bug tracker. Also, you are highly encouraged to use this forum section to discuss your ideas with other users and developers.