If you want to join to Synfig Studio development efforts, this is a good place to start. Here you can find list of resources for developers and contributors.


Source code development


Source code repository

Synfig Studio sources are stored in the GitHub repository here. To build the latest development version you need to compile "ETL", "synfig-core" and "synfig-studio" modules. See build instructions for details.



The most recent API documentation generated form source code is available here.


Developer documentation

To help you get started with Synfig Studio code we have collected some developer documentation. Also, consider browsing this forum section to get more information.



Use Transifex service to translate application interface online. Go ahead, make new version of Synfig Studio speak in your language!


Bug tracker

We have a bug tracker to maintain a list of found issues. If you have found a bug in Synfig Studio, please submit an entry. Don't forget to ensure that your bug isn't already reported.


Mailing list

Mailing lists are a way for developers to keep in touch and discuss important questions. You can subscribe yourself to the developers mailing list or browse its archives.


Documentation development


Documentation writing & translation

Documentation is an important part of every software project. Join our efforts on delivering solid and complete documentation to the end user. You can help by polishing existing articles, writing new manual pages and tutorials, translating content to different languages. Please look at the wiki editor guide to get started.


Documentation discussion

We have special section on the forum to discuss important questions about everything related to documentation writing and translation.